Worcester: A Green and Pleasant Land?

Our party’s constitution, amongst other things, holds the following. ‘We believe that each generation is responsible for the fate of our planet and, by safeguarding the balance of nature and the environment, for the long term continuity of life in all its forms.’

Now I have only lived in this city for 4 years, but having visited friend here many times before that I was well aware that I would be moving to what has to be one of the UK’s most pleasant city’s to live in. The architecture is dominated by the Cathedral and historic buildings that gives an air closer to a picture postcard market towns than sprawling industrial cities like London, Birmingham or Manchester. All of this framed in a landscape dominated by the river and the heart warming sights of tranquil fields and countryside that still lie on our very doorstep. Having seen a lot of our country I have no doubt in my mind that living in Worcester & St Johns is something of a privilege. But those of us who live here know it has it’s challenges.

Traffic here like anywhere else can be a nightmare at times but with the heritage of our city’s layout and the river it can’t be easy to plan a solution. To add to which the needs to develop housing, commercial and civil projects as our population grows all put pressure on the little space we have. Even during my short time in the city I have seen development around the edges of the city along Nunnery Way and Swinesheard Way. Furthermore I have recently heard rumours of attempts to develop farmland the other side of the M5 along the B4636 Pershore Lane. I have seen for myself that hedgerows have been cut down. To the gradual loss of our green spaces is heart rending.

So where do we go from here? How do we protect what we have while accommodating the needs of our people? It’s definitely something we need to look at closely. The city could maybe look at building a third bridge to ease traffic flows or carefully bringing in renewable energy generation schemes to add to other energy saving initiatives. We could look at improving public transport links and make it more convenient for people to leave their cars behind. Any development though would obviously costs money and with the election giving the Conservatives a majority it seams likely that they will push ruthlessly onwards with their version of austerity, hacking and slashing at public budgets in line with traditional Tory agendas, so I wouldn’t expect our council to have a lot of funds to spare any time soon.

Now, truth be told, we probably all know that we lost a lot of good people nationally in the last election and things may seam bad with little chance for us to affect change, but there is reason to have hope. As I am writing this in the latest count published by the party we have gained over 9000 new members since polls closed. We have recaptured hearts and minds and the party has regrown to 54,000 nationally. It’s amazing to see us rebound so fast and I believe we should look to try and capitalise on it. If we can bring more and more Lib Dems together within the city using our combined news letters, websites and social media to reach out and act along side our parties local officials then we have the chance to establish a firm presence in the city once more. Furthermore I believe that we should look outside our own party members cooperating with all our cities differing communities, find all those willing to work along side us for mutual ideals and aims so we have a stronger, shared voice. If we can manage this then, hopefully, together we can generate good ideas and plan carefully for the future to protect the cities architecture and environment as part of our legacy for generations to come.


This article was written by Worcester Lib Dem member Steven Mather

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2 thoughts on “Worcester: A Green and Pleasant Land?

  1. Good article Steve. We moved to Worcester (St Johns) 31 years ago. Its nice, we are still here.
    Congestion and pollution major problem. Lots to do in City, but very concerned that the Tories will cut back local government services even more. Election results sad but predicable Encouraging about new members. I liked your L.D. sign Steve.
    Mike Mullins.


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