Q and A with Federica Smith, Liberal Democrat PPC for Worcester

Here is the second of our Q and A’s with our local and national candidates for the upcoming 2015 elections. Here Federica Smith tells us a bit about herself and why she is a Liberal Democrat


1. When and why did you become a Lib Dem?
I have been an activist in the party for over 15 years, firstly assisting my mum with delivery and telling and then I undertook my work experience with Jackie Ballard (MP for Taunton at the time). Since then I have continued to help the party through all manner of differing roles and joined officially whilst at University.  In looking at why i became a Lib Dem, its something i have always felt that I am, I share the common values of the party in looking to want to help all people in society and make the country a better place. It is just something that I am rather than what I have become and feels a natural part of me.
2. Which Lib Dem policy is most important to you?
I genuinely believe in all of our policies however if i were to pick one, i would say that it is our early years funding policy that is most important to me. Even before I had children, i have always valued the education that our state schools provide and the role that a good education has for being successful and given each child the opportunity to reach their own individual potential. However it is our early years funding that goes that further step by looking to help our children achieve what is required ready for when they start primary school, it is looking to provide every child regardless of their background, the same opportunity though given funding to the most disadvantaged children, where research has shown, have fallen behind by the time they start school. This in a generation will look to further Britain’s success by more of our children reaching their own potential and giving them a positive start to their learning experience.
3. What do you like about the Worcester constituency?
In the several visits that i have had to the constituency since being selected, I am impressed by the political engagement of the residents and organisations within the city along with the interest that the media play. This ensures that more residents have the chance to interact with the candidates and form opinions on the individuals that would like to represent them.
The city itself is beautiful and I am enjoying learning about its rich history. It has many attributes to celebrate with a dynamic and prosperous shopping facilities in the centre with a lovely mix of chains and independent stores (Something i enjoy doing in my spare time), great leisure and sports facilities and lovely countryside nearby and green spaces to relax in
It feels very much like where i grew up with a slightly bigger and more economically successful centre yet still warm and inviting with great character.
4. What will you do if you are elected?
If I were elected, i would firstly want to meet more of the residents of the city as my priority is being an approachable MP that listens but also takes action.
I would look to attend as many events as I can, supporting residents, organisations, schools and businesses within the city as well as looking to represent you in parliament, ensuring that the voice of the city is heard in London.
For more info on the Liberal Democrats locally and nationally follow us on twitter @worcesterlibs and on facebook – the page is Worcester Liberal Democrats

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