Letter to Worcester News – Published March 2015

Below is a letter published on the Worcester News website a couple of weeks ago. Written by Adam Warner it highlights the positive contribution made to government by the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives don’t seem too keen to promote their record in government – hence the highly negative campaign. Liberal Democrats are proud of their record in government and will continue to highlight this over the course of our positive general election campaign.

Sir – Over the last government, the Liberal Democrats have been much maligned. The coalition with the Conservatives and the tuition fees saga has damaged the party’s reputation. However, it cannot be denied that they’ve made a worthwhile contribution over the last 5 years.

Only now are we seeing the true extent of the Tory’s plans. £30bn of cuts; £13bn of which from welfare will do unnecessary damage to those most vulnerable. This would have happened already had it not been for the Lib Dems, anchoring Cameron and Osborne to a more central position.

Additionally, the party have punched above their weight in terms of passing legislation. With only 9% of the seats in the legislature you would think it would be a small percentage of Lib Dem policies becoming law.

Not so – from the pupil premium to raising the tax threshold for the lowest earners and ensuring equal funding for mental health, the Lib Dems have done well.

Some of these are long-term policies – ones of which we shall bear the fruit of in years to come, but for me a moderating influence in Britain is required. That is why the Lib Dems should be given a chance in May.

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