Labour’s ‘Save Our Parks’ Lie

I recently found a video on YouTube produced by Worcester Labour entitled ‘Save Our Parks – Green Ribbon Campaign’. 

It opens with Worcester Labour PPC and Councillor Joy Squires saying how the future of our parks is ‘under threat’. Fellow councillors Adrian Gregson and Richard Udall go on to make alarming comments about the possibility of turnstiles at parks and the idea that they may not remain free to use.

This video was made in response to the Conservative lead council’s plans to outsource various council run services in order to reduce costs. Under the proposals the council would still maintain overall control of the parks; – contrary to what the video suggests which is that they would be handed over to a private company who would then be free to apply entrance charges for use of various aspects of the parks

Whilst Worcester Liberal Democrats do not necessarily support the outsourcing proposals in principle, if it is able to save the £500,000 of taxpayers money that is estimated, then surely it should be considered.

Labour’s scaremongering and use of the ‘p’ word is misleading and may give people completely unjust fears about the proposals which we don’t believe is right.

Liberal Democrats in Worcester will always seek to ensure that Worcester’s parks are in the best possible condition but will also try and find the best possible deal for council tax payers.


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