Cap N Gown Hustings – 06/04/2015, Tax + Welfare

The 6th of the 10 weekly hustings at the Cap N Gown pub in Worcester in the run up to the general election will be special for more than one reason:

It is to be the first appearance of Liberal Democrat PPC Federica Smith, an experienced campaigner and councillor (she won a by-election). She will take her place alongside the Labour, Conservative, Green and UKIP candidates and potentially an independent or two.

The debate is also being featured on national television, with the BBC filming for a feature on the One Show

Tax and Welfare is likely to be a divisive subject with the Conservatives proposed £12billion welfare cuts and the Green’s flagship ‘Citizens Wage’ policy likely to come under scrutiny.

The Liberal Democrats have helped take millions of low paid workers out of paying income tax over the course of the last parliament by raising the Personal Tax-Free Allowance from around £6,000 to £10,600 for the next financial year. PTFA Photo

We also implemented our ‘triple lock’ on pensions ensuring that pensions rise by at least 2.5% year on year. There is no doubt that these two policies have helped create a fairer society.TLP Photo

We look forward to seeing you all at the Cap N Gown on Monday 6th April, whatever your political allegiance, for a lively debate.

For more information on the party follow us on twitter @worcesterlibs 

You can also follow our local election candidate for Claines Ward, Mel Allcott @melallcott


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