The War on Drugs Isn’t Working

The so-called ‘war on drugs’ is failing. Everyone knows it – but now, change is happening.

In a joint speech with Virgin tycoon Richard Branson, a drug reform campaigner, Clegg said that the current system was ‘idiotic’ and that the UK seemed ‘oblivious’ to the ‘tectonic shift’ in attitudes to drugs.

“If this was your child and you found those drugs would you go to a doctor or police officer to help them? I think nearly all of us would call the health expert. And, in the same way, I just don’t think it is right for us as a society to write off these young people who haven’t hurt anyone else, just made the wrong choice, so early. We need to put an end to this ludicrous situation. Our focus should be on getting them the help they need, not punishment, so they can go on to realise their ambitions and make a positive contribution to society”

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to end jailing people for possessing small amounts of drugs for personal use as young people should not be penalised in later life with a criminal record.

The Prime Minister David Cameron insists the current policy is working saying that number of people being prosecuted has been going down. He doesn’t recognise the millions being made by drug barons on the illegal market and the unnecessary harm a criminal record for something so small can cause.

If you want to see a change in drug law after the next election, vote Liberal Democrat on May 7th

For more information on the Liberal Democrats both locally and nationally follow us on Twitter @worcesterlibs.


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