The Gove Files : Why Britain needs a Liberal Influence in Government

The changes Michael Gove made to education during his four years as education secretary (2010-2014) will go down as the most catastrophic in recent times. Gove’s well publicised agenda of academies, free schools with unqualified teachers, and exam reform which encouraged the re-introduction of a ‘success or failure’ culture, have been deplored by teachers and those in the education industry.

The Gove Files – released by the Liberal Democarts yesterday (2nd Feb 15), highlight the policies of his which were stopped and the policies we have managed to implement despite him.

David Cameron’s announcement on education further highlights how the Conservatives can’t be trusted with our schools. He pledged that no further cuts will be made and the budget maintained. However, it is not set to rise with inflation, meaning that in real terms it will have reduced. Cameron’s attempts to mislead the public were foiled, as BBC political editor, Nick Robinson forced him to admit it during a press conference on the issue.

The Liberal Democrats have saved the system from being transformed for the worse during the current Parliament. The following have been implemented, despite Gove’s vocal opposition :

1) The Pupil Premium – A £2.5billion a year policy to help raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

2) Universal Free School Meals – All children in Key Stage 1 (Reception – Year 2) are now entitled to hot, healthy free school meal.

3) Duty for Schools to Provide Career’s Advice – Enabling young people to be more prepared for the world of work after they leave formal education.

Without the Liberal Democrats none of this would have taken place. Gove instead wanted to do the following:

1. Have profit-making free schools
2. Bring back the old O-level and CSE divide
3. Cut new nursery buildings
4. Rewrite history in the national curriculum
5. Axe climate change from national curriculum
6. Change the Early Years Ratio
7. Axe speaking and listening and human rights from the national curriculum
8. Politicise Ofsted

All of these were successfully blocked by the Liberal Democrats.

All the above examples highlight the incompetence of the Conservatives on education and show how the Liberal Democrats have fought tirelessly to ensure young people from all backgrounds have more equal opportunities.

The the full ‘Gove Files’ click on the link below.


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