Lib Dems in Worcester : Don’t Vote Tactically!

The parliamentary seat of Worcester is known nationally as one of the key swing seats. Since 1979, neither the Conservatives or Labour have been able to govern without winning in Worcester. Incumbent candidate, Conservative Robin Walker, has a slim majority of just under 3,000 over Labour, one which Labour’s candidate, Joy Squires is confident of over-turning.

There is no-doubt that many people who would ideologically support parties to the left other than Labour, such as the Lib Dems and the Greens, vote tactically in general elections to keep out the Tories. Even so, we received nearly 20% of the vote in 2010 and the Greens have made a breakthrough in recent council elections, which suggests that Worcester is more left-wing than right. It is also likely that in 2015 the Tory vote will be squeezed by UKIP.

With Worcester being 49th on Labour target list for 2015, there is no doubt that resources will be aimed towards it; if Labour are to have a majority they have to win in Worcester. The question is – do you want a Labour majority, and all the economic uncertainty and unfunded pledges they bring? This is why Lib Dems in Worcester should vote Lib Dem and not help Labour to a majority. Voting tactically will not help the situation nationwide – but voting Lib Dem locally will help create a stronger economy and a fairer society in Worcester.

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